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The Auer Foundation
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Grant Application Instruction Packet

To print out a copy of the Grant Application Instruction Packet, click this link for a PDF version: Application Packet PDF (This file is viewable with Adobe Reader.  If needed, you may download it for free at  You may also print out the version below.)

Where to submit your grant request and information:

One copy of your Concept Letter and subsequent grant application and required attachments should be submitted to:

Edward D. and Ione Auer Foundation
c/o Monarch Capital Management
127 West Berry Street, Suite 402
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
Phone: (260) 415-5743

How to use this packet to apply for a grant

  1. Evaluate how well your proposed grant matches up with the Foundationís priorities

  2. Determine whether your organization is eligible for a Foundation grant

  3. Submit a one-page Concept Letter to the Foundation

  4. If the response is favorable you will be invited to submit a full proposal
  5. Complete and submit a complete grant proposal with all required attachments

QUESTIONS about eligibility or the submission process?  Contact us: or (260) 415-5743.

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Foundation History and Funding Priorities

The Edward D. and Ione Auer Foundation is a private charitable foundation that awards grants exclusively for charitable purposes, with some emphasis on literature, music, art, education, and parks. Ione Breeden Auer created the Foundation in 1984. Funding comes from lifetime gifts from Edward D. and Ione Auer, as well as the proceeds of their estates. The Foundation shall continue until January 7, 2022, but may be terminated early in the event that the Trust Fund is fully distributed prior to that time.

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Eligibility for Funding

The applicant organization must:

  1. Be a 501(c)(3)
  2. Not be a private foundation
  3. Serve the Fort Wayne metropolitan area

 Types of Funding Awarded

The Foundation will consider four types of grants:

  1. Project support for one-time activities
  2. Program support for ongoing activities
  3. Scholarship and other support through endowments
  4. Capital support for land, buildings or equipment

The Foundation generally does not award grants:

  1. To individuals, including scholarships, travel assistance, or conference fees
  2. To fund project, program, operating, or capital campaign deficits
  3. For programs or projects that taxpayers normally support, including the general operations of individual public schools or school districts

  4. For sponsorships, special events, advertising, or group trips
  5. For annual campaigns or appeals

NOTE: Occasionally, the Foundation awards grants to entities largely funded by taxes if the projects proposed would occur only with private contributions.

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Submission Deadlines

Concept letters are reviewed during Foundation quarterly meetings.  Organizations may only apply for grants one time per year. Concept letter deadlines are as follows:

  • January 15
  • April 15
  • July 15
  • October 15

Following the quarterly meeting, the Foundation will report back to the organizations regarding approval of the concept letters.  If approved, the organization will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Grant Agreements and Results Reporting

All grant funding approved by the Auer Foundation is contingent upon the grantee entering into a written agreement specifying general and special conditions of the grant, including reporting of results. The Foundation expects every grantee to measure and report results and to ensure the level of reporting is appropriate for the size and scope of the grant. The granteeís ability to meet grant agreement conditions will affect future proposals.

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Submit a Concept Letter

Please submit the following requested information on ONE PAGE. Do not use print any smaller than 11 point font. This concept letter will allow the foundation to determine eligibility and interest before your organization submits a full proposal.

  1. Organizationís mission
  2. Statement of organizationís 501(c)(3) status
  3. Organizationís legal name and address
  4. Type of grant requested (Project support, Program support, Endowment support, Capital support)
  5. Brief description of project
  6. Amount of request (including amount per year, if a multi-year request)
  7. Staff executive/title and board leader/title, including daytime phone number(s) and e-mail addresses

  8. If your organization received a grant from the Auer Foundation the prior year and you have not submitted a final report, please submit with your concept letter (include how the grant money was spent and any meaningful outcomes and statistics)

  9. Required signatures: CEO, President, or Executive Director

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Submit full proposal Ė if your concept letter is approved you will be invited to submit a full proposal. It should include the following information.

2A. Checklist of proposal narrative contents

As part of the proposal narrative, grant applicants must submit the information listed below.  Please use and return this checklist to ensure youíve included all items.

Proposal narrative
The Foundation does not dictate the length or format of grant proposals, but asks that grant-seekers use their own best judgment.  We want to understand what youíre proposing, how it would work, whom it would help, and how you will measure results.  Use enough words to get the following information across, but donít feel that you have to overwhelm us with details. Your proposal should include the following:

 ___   Overview of organization - briefly describe your organization and its mission

 ___   Explain the need for this effort using local research and data whenever possible.  Be sure to describe the population this proposal would serve.  Also include an analysis of how it complements similar community resources or activities.


 ___   Explain how your proposed effort would build on peopleís strengths, rather than focusing on problems, and how youíd help them become more self-sufficient.

 ___   If your organization uses any local or national evaluation tools to measure results, please include this information in your narrative.

 ___   Show us, step by step, how you would implement your proposal and report results to us.

 ___   Explain if and how other organizations would be involved to make this proposal successful, and how you would avoid overlap and duplication.

 ___   Tell us about the people who would run this effort and outline their qualifications.

 ___   Tell us about other sources of support for this proposal, including:

  • Funds on hand or pledged (please provide a line-item list)

  • Pending applications to potential funding sources (please provide a line-item list)

  • Volunteer time and donated services or materials

  • If this is an ongoing effort, explain your plans for continued financial support from other sources after the period of the requested grant has expired.

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2B. Checklist of required attachments

In addition to the proposal narrative, grant applicants must submit the information listed below. Please use and return this checklist with your application to ensure youíve included all items.

Required financial attachments:

 ___   Your organizationís most recent federal tax return (IRS Form 990 - If you do not have an IRS Form 990 or current audit, please explain why)

 ___   A complete copy of your organizationís most recent financial statements (including a balance sheet or statement of financial position, and a revenue and expense statement or statement of activities).  The foundation would prefer audited financial statements, if possible.  If your organization has received a management letter from your accounting firm, please submit that, too.

 ___   Your organizationís general operating budget for the current fiscal year

 ___   Your organizationís proposed general operating budget for all future fiscal years for which youíve requested funding under this grant application

 ___   For those requesting program, project, or capital funds, a line-item budget for the proposed grant reflecting anticipated expenditures (and revenues if applicable), by year, for each fiscal year your organization proposes to receive grant funding.

Please note: If you are requesting program, project, or capital support, you will need a program, project, or capital budget AND a proposed organizational general operating budget for each fiscal year for which you are requesting grant funding.

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Other required attachments:

 ___   A copy of your organizationís current letter from the IRS advising you of your organization's 501(c)(3) status. The name of the organization in this letter must be the same as the current legal name of the organization seeking the grant.

 ___   List of your organizationís board members or trustees (please list all officers), including affiliations, contact information, and terms.

 ___   Documentation of efforts to improve your organizationís effectiveness, including your most recent strategic plan (if you do not have a strategic plan, please explain why).

 ___   A copy of your organization's Concept Letter and Checklists

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