Step 1 – Concept Letter

Step 1 – Concept Letter Submission
Please submit the following requested information on ONE PAGE. Do not use print any smaller than 11 point font. This concept letter will allow the foundation to determine eligibility and interest before your organization submits a full proposal.

  1. Organization’s mission
  2. Statement of organization’s 501(c)(3) status
  3. Organization’s legal name and address
  4. Type of grant requested (Project support, Program support, Operating support, Endowment support, Capital support)
  5. Brief description of project or program
  6. Amount of request (the Foundation generally doesn’t consider multi-year requests)
  7. Staff executive/title and board leader/title, including daytime phone number(s) and e-mail addresses
  8. If your organization received a grant from the Auer Foundation the prior year, please submit a grant report with your concept letter (include how the grant money was spent and any meaningful outcomes and statistics). This will be a separate page. For more information about reporting results, click on that tab.
  9. Required signatures: CEO, President, or Executive Director

Please e-mail your concept letter/grant report to AND call 260-415-5743 to let us know you have submitted (this will eliminate the possibility of e-mail issues). Leave a voicemail and we will confirm receipt with a return e-mail as soon as possible.

Submission Deadlines
Concept letters are reviewed during Foundation quarterly meetings. Organizations may only apply for grants one time per year. Concept letter deadlines are as follows:
January 15 (February/March meeting)
April 15 (May meeting)
July 15 (August meeting)
October 15 (November meeting)
Following the quarterly meeting, the Foundation will report back to the organizations regarding approval/rejection of the concept letters. If approved, the organization will be invited to submit a full proposal.